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Working from Home: 4 trends to watch in 2021

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pexels olia danilevich 4974907With 2020 came the rise of Zoom meetings, which changed how companies will function for years to come. Whether it is online conference calls, to running large companies on your coach, this will change the job market, even after the pandemic.

  1. A hybrid model

The adoption of a hybrid work model, Which is a mix of online work and in person work, will continue to increase in the post-COVID world. Some organizations might adopt a model where employees are required to come to the office only a few days a week, for example.

2. Hub-and-spoke offices

The hub-and-spoke workspace may also gain traction. In this model, organizations keep a main headquarters (hub) for periodic team meetings and strategy discussions, and a smaller network of small satellite offices across various other locations.

This model promises a two-way benefit. The smaller offices reduce operational costs, while also enabling employees to work in an office that’s closer to where they live. This ensures a true revitalization of tier-two and tier-three locations as more businesses come to realize that they need not be based in a metropolitan area.

3. HR tech

The use of cloud-based HR tech will increase as companies seek to provide a seamless employee experience for those who work remotely. These tools can be used to facilitate virtual hiring, onboarding, learning and development, performance management, smart decision-making, and more.

4. Remote hiring

The way that organizations hire new employees changed massively in 2020. In-person interviews were quickly replaced with Zoom meetings. According to a LinkedIn survey, 74 percent of organizations in the APAC region will continue virtual hiring in the post-COVID world.

While many companies will likely fall back on the traditional “test followed by an interview” model of evaluating job applicants, the focus will shift instead to evaluating a candidate’s capabilities as demonstrated by their contributions to open source technology platforms, YouTube, Instagram, Medium, Facebook, Twitter (for marketing and content writing), and Dribble (for user interface design).

Soft skills like communication, collaboration, teamwork, and adaptability will be given more importance in the world of Zoom.

From the applicant’s perspective, top talent will look for companies that offer remote work, flexible policies that enable more family time, and excellent health coverage. Perks like gourmet cafeterias, gyms, game rooms, nap pods, and unlimited free snacks will lose their appeal.




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