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How to make sure your company doesn’t receive Social Media Backlash

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Social MediaAs we have seen in the past couple of months, “cancel culture” is real: what started as a single negative comment from one person on the internet can turn into a full-frontal attack on you personally and your business. If you ignore negative comments, then you can potentially make the point that you can’t deal with it anymore.

The beauty of social media is that it’s a two-way dialogue, unlike TV and print ads. Remember, these media platforms are live, 24/7. A simple blurb posted at 3 a.m. about your company, your level of customer service (or lack thereof), your products, your political or community activities could, in an instant, trigger a consumer boycott.

Social media crises tend to have one common denominator: the company is not meeting the consumer’s expectations. With or without a response to a negative posting, your customers will always find new ways to make their anger known if their expectations aren’t being matched.

Managing a social media backlash is really all about three basic principles: respond, acknowledge and overcorrect. Reach out and say, “thank you for sharing, for caring, and for bringing it to our attention.” If there is a posting mentioning your company, even if it’s a positive remark, post a response immediately. A simple “Thank you, we’re looking into this” signals your engagement with the customer and creates a tone of goodwill. Then keep engaging online and make sure you offer a positive resolution if possible—and do it publicly on the social media platform where the issue originated—not through a direct email or over the phone in a private exchange. If the original issue was aired out in public, you will have to verify your sincerity by engaging the public as a witness to your commitment to solve the issue! Turn that backlash into feedback!

Every social media interaction between a business and its audience is an opportunity to learn and adapt. The best way to prevent further negative postings is to approach your response with empathy and understanding. When a problem is “voiced” on social media, it often signals a disconnect between your business and your customer base. Maintaining an interactive social media presence with your online customers will ensure you a steady stream of valuable constructive feedback.


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