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Friday, 10 September 2021 21:46

Saving money during the summer months

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wiatrakDuring the summer electricity rates tend to skyrocket, but saving money shouldn't be as difficult.

Joey Estrada, with Lochridge Priest, shares some tips on what you should do before the temperatures get too high.

“Have a technician come out, check the refrigerate levels, check your system to make sure it’s running. Make sure your fan motor is running the way it should be,” Estrada says.

Estrada says you want to have a technician come in to take a look at your A/C unit to make sure everything is operating the right way.

“First thing you want to check [is] the filter. Make sure you’re keeping a clean filter. That helps the airflow get through as best as possible,” says Estrada.

High temperatures outside could make it hard to keep the cool air inside. Oncor recommends you raise the temperature to about 78 degrees when you’re not home, and lower it back to what you feel comfortable in.

“Make sure your windows are sealed. Make sure you got all the doors sealed. Make sure the outside air, the hot outside air, just can’t get infiltrated into the house,” says Estrada.

But when do you know is the right time to call a technician to your home?

“The quicker that you start noticing that your house is not keeping up where it should be, or it's not staying as cool as it should be, we recommend you calling out a service technician to check it out as quickly as possible,” says Estrada.

Estrada says the longer you wait, the bigger the issue can get – and will cost more out of your wallet.

“Pay attention to noises. Pay attention to the temperature in the house. Make sure it’s achieving what you want it to achieve,” says Estrada.


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