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Thursday, 10 June 2021 21:12

8 Tips to Save Energy This Summer!

saving MMany states are experiencing record heat waves, which means that Air Conditioners will be running at full throttle. During the summer months most Americans see an uptick in their electricity bills, and now add that people will be cooped up even longer in their homes due to the pandemic.

The typical household spends roughly $2,000 annually on energy bills, an Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson told TODAY. The EPA added that air conditioning is the likely culprit for energy bill increases in the summer months. Nearly half of a given home’s total energy bill is dedicated to heating and cooling systems.

It is projected that homeowners could see monthly energy bills rise by 10% based on data collected from renewable energy company Arcadia for those living in cities. Data was collected from energy use by 10,000 customer households across 13 major U.S. cities during March and April.

If you're looking to keep electricity bills down as temperatures soar, try these short- and long-term recommendations from the EPA and other sources.

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AAThe loss of money on Monday could have been even worse, but it could have been worse. But, investors are looking to see how American and other airlines recover.

United executives have said recently that bookings are rising ahead of the peak summer vacation season, and they expect that trend to grow stronger as more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19. The airline predicted that a number of financial measures will improve from the first quarter into the second.

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CryptocurrencyIf you haven't recognized the future of cryptocurrency, you’re not alone. Approximately only 15% of Americans currently own a kind of digital currency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. A large percentage of the people who have bought the currency have acquired it over the past two years. Regardless of your ability to invest, it’s likely that digital currency will impact you soon.

Mainstream Institutional Adoption Is Already Here

The writing started to be on the wall, perhaps when MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor first publicly endorsed Bitcoin. As a publicly-traded company dating back to 1989 and known for having lots of capital in excess reserves, Saylor coming out and publicly ringing the alarm of crypto and even calling it "superior to cash" indeed raised some eyebrows among institutions and created a snowball effect. 

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